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Crepe paper streamer

Crepe paper streamer Crepe paper streamer Crepe paper streamer Crepe paper streamer
Product name : Crepe paper streamer Item : 03201
   This popular decoration is known by many names such as Streamers, Stock Streamers, Party Streamers, Streamer Tape, Dance Streamer, Decorating Streamer, Crepe Paper Streamer, Slip Streamer, Crepe Streamer, Balloon Streamer, Advertising Streamer, Crepe, Crepe Paper, Crepe Flower Paper, etc. so to simplify what we mean here, we just call it plain and simple, Crepe Streamer.
There are many ways to use crepe streamer to decorate. Use crepe streamer to block off space for party events, or to block off a large Easter Egg Hunt. or DIY art flowers One of the most popular ways to decorate with crepe streamer is to take two different colors and twist them together and string them within the party area. Many people have a problem with this decorating task. The easiest way to attach the two colors of crepe streamer ends together is to use a piece of thin thread or dental floss and tie the two pieces of crepe streamer together and then fasten to the wall or table with small tacks or tape using the thread as an extra anchor. To cover up the unsightly ends of your crepe streamer use two or three inflated balloons tied together with curl ribbon, use a pair of scissors to curl the ribbon and fasten them to the ends of the crepe streamer.
Crepe paper streamer of size:
2.5cm X 10m,16m, 20m, 24m etc...
3.8cm X 10m,16m,18m, 20m, 24m etc
4.5cm X 10m; 16m; 20m; 24m; 46m, 50m etc ...
4.8cm X 10m; 16m; 20m; 24m; 46m, 50m etc ...

Customers can choose match colors, size , quantity and packing (may OEM )

Crepe paper streamer
Crepe streamer
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