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Wholesale various gifts package and holiday decorations of accessories

Author : Date : 2011/8/28 20:04:04
We are wholesale & Exporter of suppliers (cn-giftwrap.com), supply various Crepe streamer, Pull bows,Curling ribbons, Polypropylene Ribbon gift wrapping, clear cello roll, cellopheane paper, clear cello bag, box for gift decorations and Party Holiday decorations .Company Name:Yuyao Wanji Gift Packaging Co., Ltd.
Christmas is coming-it soon will have time to package holiday gift!!!!! You want to do something different packing your gift, this year? Here is your gift packaging festive time to guarantee that your gift idea looks like your holiday special! These gifts package idea a lot of people think that join adorn article come deck your gift. This can be a beautiful, on holiday for added gift. You can find it here WanLiJin Mr Cheap adornment, also Lillian Vernon. Consider the local religious holiday visit the exhibition, and even some beautiful ornament with very reasonable price your community of "one yuan shop". These gift packaging idea was to inspire your ideas. You may decide to use different color ribbon or paper-this is great. Or, these ideas can inspire your gift, and create your own object, you know the gift of love the recipient will package design. Enjoy and your family Christmas!!!!! The stars of the present paper presents the stars. LiTieJin or silver ribbon (in star color print and decide). Add star adorn article to the gift to the top. Snow WrapWrap gifts of silver and gift packaging paper gift gift hanging in a thick white lace. Add snow on top of the gift to decorate. The nutcracker nutcracker ballet always WrapThe gifts in holiday welcome! Gift wrapped in paper covered with candy and cooperate with thick red ribbons image. Add a wild clip or the nutcracker adornment to this gift to the top. Ballet WrapWrap silver paper gift gift. Tie gift, a pink ribbon. Add a ballet dancer decorations, or toe shoes jewelry to complete this gift. The angel of the WrapWrap paper gift gift covered with an angel. Tie gift, a gold ribbon. Add the angel adorn article to complete the gift packaging. Father Christmas gift gift red gift packaging paper. Edward HuDeHua Hu.e gift. And Santa Claus adornment, or Santa Claus and fill in the card gift packaging. Fresh pine gift packaging/fresh m mikael's fresh in the darkness of the HollyWrap/green paper presents. The gift of Burgundy, cut the ribbon tie. Pine trees and small piece of fresh complete gift/mistletoe/horry covered with ribbon cutting ceremony. Pine smell wonderful season perfect! Mistletoe is a very romantic in addition to a gift. Holly is a very beautiful in addition to any present.


QQ: 1830478808