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The present situation of the gift packing

Author : Date : 2011/8/28 20:13:24

A good packaging design must make the packaging structure and appearance of the plane design combination, be in harmony is an organic whole. Packaging is an important component part of the goods

Points. The packaging of the role is to protect goods and sell the goods, a commodity to through the science of structure design and beautiful graphic design in the goods

Selling out.
Although different from ordinary gift packaging of goods packaging (cn-giftwrap.com), but should also follow "tailored" principle, design in accordance with the products was expected

Right, scientific structure, beautiful novel, economic and practical packaging. The so-called "quantity body" is to find out the property of commodity, class, consumption object

, regional sales; Cut your coat according to your so-called ", "is decided to design pattern and the design scheme. Packing should be in line with "science, besides beautiful, practical, the economy

, promotion "principle, to consider the effects of environmental protection, this also is for a designer and packaging design of evaluation standards.
Only master "science, beautiful, practical, economic, promotion, environmental protection" design connotation, grasp the design scale to do discretion, bag

Outfit design know fairly well, have answers, then can attain to the design of the packing tailor products "". The packing of the overall market is especially kit

With the market, packaging design was largely reflects the innovative, unique, beautiful characteristics; But in the packaging structure's reasonable, but there exists a

Some problems, not cause us to think. The so-called packing structure, it is to point to different goods according to the characteristics and requirements of the adoption of appropriate size, material

With different structure, modelling to packing goods. Therefore, the structure of the packing to on "scientific" to measure. The so-called structure science, one is open, to join

With convenient, simple operation, easy to processing 2 it is saving material and cost, and maximize the protection function of goods. Competition in the commodity

For competitive today, on the market has some operators and designer regardless of the interests of consumers and lack of awareness of environmental protection, through the visual packaging

Illusion to camouflage and big installed, cause the material waste phenomenon. With food, for example: some cheap food this should only cheap packaging design, but there are

The small package packing set just even sets of large packing, wasted space and materials. For example, some SuTang packaging, packaging, packaging, small in line box

The lid, gold and silver pressed the packaging is beautiful, but cost must be higher than the product itself. Be like again, in recent years, the midautumn festival moon cake packing more competition

Even worse, even appear "day price" the moon cakes, relevant national authorities had to come forward to intervene and formulated relevant policies and regulations, just make

This kind of undesirable competition on the brakes. We at random from the supermarket shelves take a box of gifts chocolate apart a look, packaging frequently four layers,

Five layers, even eight layer is not in the minority. We usually in some of the traditional holiday consumption market see, wide variety of gift packaging filling

Denounce shelves, some merchants to achieve the purpose of the competition, the individual structure to capitalize on raising commodity grades and price in disguised form, the kit

Packed in its luxuriant coat and cooperate with the merchants of a series of propaganda to induce consumers.

The class of the package depends on the value of the products themselves, exactly, does not contain the price is packing. In addition to gift packaging, packaging, special's name

Product packaging, packaging costs other than general should be controlled in the commodity price 10% to around 30%. From the economic Angle measured to a minimum

The packaging cost (materials, printing, production), to achieve the best effect of publicity, this is a successful commodity packaging. If the excessive increase

Packing charge is, can only say that too much packaging, flashy things, easy to cause the consumers off. If businessmen believe that no matter what packaging, as long as

Can achieve think "beauty" purpose, spares no expense in "material, craft, structure, decoration", and to do what they can to costly, in fact

Such outsmart oneself instead.

In addition, in many of the gift package, most of the model and new materials, different, beautiful malicious effort. The development of new materials and large

Application for packing also offers more business opportunities. But the market gift packaging material to see, we found more plastic, metal and glass,

Accounting for most of the packing materials, and as such has recycled paper recycling recycling environmental protection material is used very little. Can not boast

Zhang, modern packaging design, plastic use has to the point of luxury. At present, the use of packaging plastic are hundreds of years would not collapse

Ethylene resin application, as many as several layers of this kind of excessive packaging are legion in the market, leading to "junk" civilization accumulation, brings human difficult

To improve the environmental problems. The rubbish in the considerable proportion of all is the designer "design" out "work". Somebody has done a analysis, this

Some rubbish in the paper class 30% 10%, glass, metal, plastic 10% 8%. The waste pollution caused by the long-term

Of this metal cans, such as material throw on the ground, a year later, just the surface of the paint off, five years later still so, only after ten years in slowly

The soil in dissolved differentiation; After 10 years in the glass, is only fragments; Plastic, after five years of it in under the action of sunlight to dissolve, such as buried

With the sun, the isolation is never disappear.

Box box design: the colour of domestic box
A, packing boxes habit color

Color on the consumers will produce strong psychological reaction, and that they have the corresponding lenovo and in color by the should be fully considering that, next

Facing common packing boxes used a coloring description.

(1) the paper box: common bright of food, light color. If use blue, white said, health, such as clean cool; Red, orange, yellow said sweet

Beauty, and aromatic, fresh, etc.; Simple, solemn multi-color said the mellow wine and has a long history, etc. They are of great help to promote appetite.
(2) the paper box: common of cosmetics in the middle of the soft color. If use pink, pink, pale rose fragrant, gentle and said, noble, etc.; For some men

The use of cosmetics in black says sometimes its grave, etc.
(3) children's products class paper boxes: common thunder-and-lightning pure color or comparative and strong colour to says vivid, lively, etc.
(4) medicine box: common category


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