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The Crinkle shredded Paper use and function

Author : Date : 2016/10/21 20:01:46

The Crinkle shredded Paper use and function

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Crinkle Cut Paper Shred

Red Green Crinkle Cut paper shred
Red Green Blend

Here a few ideas for using paper shred:
Gift Sacks: Partially fill a colorful gift or party sack with shred. Place crumpled tissue paper in the bottom to take up space, so you use less of your shred. Fill to where the shred shows at the top of the sack and nestle your gift down in the shred.

Jars: Use clear jars for those gifts of dry ingredients with recipe cards attached. Just hot glue a clump of shred to the lid. After it dries, turn upside and shake to remove any loose strands, then place the lid on your jar. Kraft paper shreds look great with cookie or soup ingredients.

Kraft brown crinkle cut paper shred

Kraft Brown

Easter Baskets: Great fillers in practically any color.

Diaper Cakes:
A trendy decoration for baby showers and parties is the diaper cake. These cakes are wildly creative! Some come topped with plush toys or other nice gifts. Grammie’s Gift Shop has some of the most creative I’ve seen. She uses paper shred as “icing” on some of the cakes. Her “Safari” cake has a fresh and different look for a baby’s shower. The brown and green colors are such a nice change from your basic baby blue!  Very unique diaper cakes.  If you’re shopping for a cake you’ll want to visit here!

safari diaper cake
Flower Pots and Glass Containers: Using metallic shred in clear glass containers adds sparkle and shine to your floral creation and covers up the stems of your flower or decorative pick. A collection of glittered ball sprays in a tall clear glass container filled with shred makes a stunning bright spot on any table. Green or other colorful paper shred can be added to a flower pot filled with silk or paper flowers.

Baked Items: Cookies, breads, cakes, candies – all look scrumptious when placed in a clear poly bag nestled among white or Kraft brown shred. Fill small wicker basket, tins or boxes to hold your goodies. Any food or fruit gift basket looks better with items resting on a bed of shred. Poke small clumps in between items to fill the void. Shred helps to lift the items up for better visualization and separates them from each other. This makes your basket fuller, more pleasing to the eye and adds the perception of more value. A gift bag of whole or shelled nuts looks great on Kraft, black or white shred.

Christmas Ornaments: Remove the tops from clear glass ball ornaments and fill with sparkling gold, silver or iridescent shred. You can also add shred that compliments your Christmas decorating color theme. A gift of a Christmas ornament looks great packed in a clear poly bag filled with shred and tied with a bow. Christmas packaging can’t get much quick and simpler than this! Clear poly bags are great for those difficult to wrap items and gifts that you don’t have boxes for – toys, trucks, soaps, makeup items, etc.

Birthday Party Favors: Children generally leave birthday parties with a little gift or “happy sack” that says  thank you for coming to my party! Your birthday party theme can be carried right out the door with a clear poly bag filled with small trinkets or candy, using paper shred that matches your party theme. Red/blue for Spiderman; black/blue for Batman; yellow for Sponge Bob; sparkly colors for little divas, etc. If you can find a mix of the color you need – mix your own. Combinations are seemingly endless.

Wedding and Anniversary: Wedding favors range from keepsake items, something dated or engraved with the bride and grooms name, tidbits of delectable treats or something related to the couples work, hobbies or cause. Clear poly bags with shred make a nice base for anything from a Christmas ornament to a small bag of gourmet coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Chocolate brown or Kraft looks great for gourmet coffees and chocolate anything. Wedding colors can always be used.

A simple personalized gold or silver ball Christmas ornament packaged in a clear bag with metallic foil, or small box, makes a great anniversary keepsake for friends and family of the happy couple.

White Silver crinkle paper shred
White Silver Blend
Halloween Treat: Take preprinted or clear Halloween cello bags and add a handful of orange, black, white or Kraft shred before filling with your goodies. Same goes for Valentine treats. Purchased bags can be made even more personal if you take the time to create a personal note card. Hand write on a blank business card or if you’re creating a number of treat bags, create a note on the computer and print on business card. Punch a small hole in the corner with a paper punch and tie on to the bag with ribbon. For the Halloween bags, you could also tie a spider ring, etc into the loop for a little extra spooky touch!

Pretty Boxes: Have a pretty glossy box that’s just to pretty to wrap? Hot glue a small bunch of shred to the top. Metallic shred looks great on glossy boxes.

If a more natural look is your bag, wrap in Kraft paper and string. Use red and green colored paper shred hot glued to the top. Add a sprig of greenery, twig or cluster of red berries to top it off. Old Christmas wreaths and decorations that you were going to toss or sell at your  next garage sale are perfect resources for small decorating needs. I can think of a few that are wasting away in my attic right now!

Glitz and Shine! Need a little extra touch of sparkle? Add a bit of spray glitter to your shred. Also a less expensive way to make your metallic shred go farther (metallic is almost twice the price of colored shred) is to mix your own shred. Take solid shred and mix in the metallic. It doesn’t even need to be a 50:50 mixture. Four or five handfuls of regular shred and only 1 handful of metallic makes a very nice mix and adds that bit of sparkle.

Balloon Centerpiece: Helium filled balloons make great party decorations and centerpieces. But admit it, how many times have you tried to use balloons on your birthday table and wound up tying the cluster around a vase, chair back or anything stationary on the table! It’s okay, we’ve all done it. Well here’s a better idea.

Fill a party bag or gift sack that goes with your party theme 1/2 full with anything that will hold it on the table. Dried beans, macaroni. I just hate to use sand or kitty litter even if its sterile on the food table. But that’s just me. Cut your curling ribbon and tie to your balloons using staggering lengths. Use an odd amount of balloons – 3 – 5- 7. Gather all your strands of balloons and tie to one balloon weight. This can be anything that will hold them that you have around the house, even a piece of silverware. Stick the weight down in the container and fill the container to the top with shred. Overfill a little so it spills out the top. Now, you have much better looking balloon centerpiece!

We only have a few colors of paper shred now, but look out.....we’re going to explode into a rainbow of colors soon!
We hope these suggestions will give you some ideas on using paper shred and we look forward to your comments. Please share with us how you’ve used paper shreds and we’ll add it to the blog!


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