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Holiday Gift Wrapping Tips

Author : Date : 2012/5/13 10:22:33

Holiday Gift Wrapping Tips

Gift wrapping holiday gifts can be a joy -- if done ahead using a generous supply of materials and a little inspiration.
However, it it's left until the last minute and you're scrambling for scissors, tags, and tissue paper, then it's a job that can turn into a stressful chore.

Here are some helpful tips for organizing gift wrapping jobs and some ideas to make gift wrapping easier.

Collect Generic Gift Wrap Materials
- Instead of buying Santa gift paper, try going with a plain red, a metallic silver, and a beautiful white. These papers can look wonderful during the holidays by using red, green, or metallic ribbons. And later they can look equally wonderful for Valentine's Day with pink ribbon or for a birthday with blue ribbon.

Cellophane Bags
- Clear or printed cellophane bags (like the ones florists use for corsages) can be a lifesaver for small non-fragile gifts, candies, or baked goods. Simply insert the item into the bag (wrapped in tissue if desired) and seal the top with ribbon, raffia, cording, or a twist tie. These bags come in several sizes. Look for them in bulk at a paper warehouse outlet.

Colored Tissue Paper - Tissue can make any gift seem more festive. Collect several colors to use when lining gift boxes, to cushion delicate items, inside cello bags, or even to use as gift paper. Avoid buying a few sheets at a time, as these are particularly expensive. Order in bulk or browse paper warehouses.

Hole Punch
- Use an inexpensive hole punch to puncture gift tags (to insert a ribbon) or to punch two holes in the top of a folded gift bag (to insert a ribbon or raffia).
Stickers - Seasonal stickers are a fun way to decorate plain gift bags, tags, or to close cello bagged gifts.

Tags - Beautiful tags are a lovely touch. However, they can sometimes come off and get lost. Try the stick-on types when mailing gifts or for large gatherings when the tag could be inadvertently detached. To and from information can also be written on top of the gift (on the wrapping paper) or on the ends of the ribbon tie. Or, glue or tape the greeting card right to the top of the box.

Making Gift Tags
- Craft and stationery stores have blank tags in a variety of shapes. You can also make your own tags in any size or shape using colored paper or cardstock. Scalloped edge scissors will also help create beautiful looking tags.

Recycled Greeting Cards
- Cut off the fronts of beautiful holiday cards and attach them to your gifts using double face tape. The picture on the card will dress up your gift and add a bit of color and style. Use a simple cording as ribbon.

- Gifts can be made special by tucking in a bit of greenery. Look for artificial leaf or pine sprigs to use on gifts.


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