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Have to learn gift packing method

Author : Date : 2012/11/12 14:33:02
          Gift of the delicate or not seem to see its gift packing case, learn elegant gift packing method, so that gift need. And, on a good gift package myself how sincere! Two exquisite gift packing method to enjoy!

Square item sugar type gift packing method
1. The paper cutting growth is around box length + 2 ~ 3 centimeters, width is the width of the box + 3 centimeters, at the end up in the paper
2. Will be on the right side of the paper along the box inward folding into, and maintain the edge of the paper in the box
3. Again the left paper inward folding into
4. Use transparent adhesive tape or double-sided tape will paper overlap fixed
5. On both sides of the paper along the box inward folding into
6. According to order, the paper folding into beautiful ladder
7. In fluctuation of origami gently junction mark on
8. Keep markers and edge parallel, folding the paper
9. With double-sided tape or with beautiful posted about will joint fixed, and then the other side will be wrapped and turn to box positive, with ribbon or flower adornment once completed the gift
Gift packing methodGift packing method

Basic inclined gift packing method--thin gift box
        This is the most basic gift one way. Wrap the gift boxes to tilt Angle of a certain way of packaging, can be in accordance with the order he placed trumpets place bag very beautiful. After the skilled, bag gift will become very simple. To master the method is very useful.
Thin box tilt gift packing method
1. Ready to paper, as shown in figure, the paper along the edge of the box to fold into the inside, make paper Angle is located in the top lid
2. If you can't meet the condition of 1, 2, the paper size does not meet the requirements.
3. Hold the top of Angle motionless, the left paper also fold up, and the extra paper clean to receive inside
4. Tape will top Angle and fold the left of the Lord about fixed, the rear paper also folded or box help up slowly
5. Finish redundant paper at the same time, then to box the side turnovers
6. On the right side of the paper can use and left the same way, keep folding vertical under the premise of the paper inward folding into
7. The rest of the paper to medial tucks, good finishing
8. Finally the superfluous edge to fold into the inside, with double-sided adhesive fixed can, again on the box fasten ribbon was finished
gift wrapgift wrap


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