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Gift packing method-- the method of lace up bowknot

Author : Date : 2012/5/22 16:12:42
Gift packing method-- the method of  lace up bowknot
      No matter what items, even without the wrapping paper or box, also do not put in the bag, as long as is a root ribbons, and will be incredible moment into a gift. If a pretty bows, will immediately add gift itself charm.
The lace up of bowknot :
    1. The two ends of the ribbon play a knot.
    2. Use your hands on the middle position, put on the right side of the silk does not bend regularly in a circle.
    3. Put the left from above the ribbons of fold, with the right hand holding the thumb.
    4. From the right over the top of the ribbon circle around, and then from the left to the circle of the ribbon to go through.
    5. The ribbon on the right side of the circle on the left, left a circle around the ribbon through the ribbon in the right tighten.
    6. The ribbon at both ends of the clip into like shape, bowknot is completed.
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Skype: live:gu62715733 QQ: 1830478808