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Easy Gift Decorating

Author : Date : 2012/5/11 22:58:55

Easy Gift Decorating
 Gift wrapping is one of those essential skills for modern day survival, up there with hospital corners for your bed and being able to successfully tie your own bow tie. But even if you're a gift wrapping hack, you just might be able to squeak by if you're able to dazzle 'em with a little flair. Take a look at these gift decorating tips, and you'll be good to go. Check it out.
Don't Stop at the Gift Wrap
While a well wrapped box can be a key ingredient to the perfect gift, carefully selected and applied decorations can make all the difference. And, they can be really fun to do too. While there's absolutely no limit to the number of ways you can decorate your gift -- feel free to think outside the box here -- there are a few quick and easy ways to spruce up your offering.
Great Ribbon Decorations
Ribbons are a common go-to, and for good reason - they come in many varieties and serve as a great accent for just about any gift. Start by choosing a ribbon for your package - you might try a wide, flat ribbon that shows off its fabric, or a thin ribbon that can be curled later. For a basic box, start by selecting a ribbon that's long enough to go around your gift lengthwise and widthwise, with extra length for tying a bow if you choose.
Center your ribbon on the top of the box and wrap both ends around until they meet on the bottom. Carefully cross the two ribbons and bring them back over to the top, then tie together - either in a bow, or in a knot. This is where it's helpful to have someone around to help you with that extra finger, although toes work pretty well too if you're hard pressed. Carefully using a scissor blade against the back of a thin ribbed ribbon is an easy and fun way to add curly-Q goodness to a package as well. Voila.
Natural Gift Decorations
Raffia is a natural fiber similar to straw that can add a rustic touch to any gift. Made from the raffia palm tree, this accent can be wrapped, bunched, or braided to give your gift a unique look. This is not to be confused with "Ralphia," which is a decorating technique that basically consists of dangling stuffed buffaloes everywhere. Popular mostly with diehard Colorado fans.
Jazz Up Your Gift Bags
Gift bags are a great way to quickly and easily dress up a present, and can accommodate pretty much anything that fits in the bag. Wine bags are popular for presenting any type of bottled gift, and decorative pouches work well for jewelry or other small items.
Simple Gift Decorations
You can even cut out shapes like hearts or snowflakes, use colorful markers, tags, glitter, confetti, rubber stamps, or anything else your heart desires. Hm. Yeah. I nearly failed kindergarten because of this. Guess I'll stick to the ribbons.


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